Pachmarhi: Queen of Satpura in Central India

A beautiful, green, awesome hill station in Satpura Hills in central India. recently i visited Pachmarhi and can not resist to visit this place every year. It is beacause, due to cantonment, it is still untouched by high commercialization of the place, which has taken toll of many popular hill stations of Himalayas. One can still see beautiful old British structures in the city.

Pachmarhi offers dfferent things to variety of travellers. One can just relax in the serene beauty of Pachmarhi. If you are a avid trekker, pachmarhi has short and long treks to offer. The Pachmarhi is a biosphere reserve too, thus offering opportunities to watch wildlife also.

How to Reach Pachmarhi?

Pachmarhi, is well connected by Road. One can reach Pachmarhi by rail also and nearest railway station is Pipariya (47 KM from Pachmarhi). I took the morning train from Jablapur and reached Pipariya by 9:30 AM. One can hire taxi from Pipariya for Pachmarhi. Even if ypou are coming from Bhopal , you can visit by road or rail. Road travel from Bhopal may be tiring because of road construction activity on the Bhopal-Hoshangabad Highway.

The road to Pachmarhi cut across the Pachmarhi Biosphere reserve and one will love to drive on such beautiful road. One can see beautiful lakes full of red colored  lotuses ,on the roadside.

Where to Stay?

One have lot of options for stay in Pachmarhi. There are many hotels in Pachmarhi fitting the budget. I stayed at Hotel Golf View of the welcome group. The rooms are quite spacious and well maintained.

What to See?

I have visited following Places-

  • Rajat Prapat
  • Bee Falls
  • Bara Mahadev
  • Gupt Mahadev
  • Dhupgarh
  • Handi Khoh
  • Pnadav Caves
  • Apsara Vihar (falls)

Other places of tourist interest in Pachmarhi are-

  • Chauragarh
  • Apsara falls
  • Dutches falls

Rajat Prapat: 

As name suggests ‘Rajat’ means ‘Silver’ and ‘Prapat’ means ‘Falls’. The water falls from a great height and due to light efect its color look likke silver and thats why its name Rajat or Silver Falls. To visit Rajat Prapat, one need to trek for almost 1 KM.

Apsara Falls:

One can see Apsara falls while returning back from Rajat Prapat. There are pools of water created on the granite rocks. These pools are perfect picnic spots.

After roaming around these pools of water i started trekking upwards, and there on a tree i spotted Indian Giant Squirrel on a tree branch. Its face resembles with monkey.

Bee Falls:

As the case was with rajat Prapat, it was a very steep descend to the Bee Falls. Bee Falls aquired its name due to lot of bees around this fall. This fall is much bigger and with more water than the silver fall. You can enjoy bathing in this fall.

Bee Falls are also cascading waterfalls, and one can see the cascades while descending down. At the bottom of falls, there are facilities for changing the clothes. It is advisable to carry spare clothes if one wants to enjoy the bath under falls.

Bara Mahdev:

It is a temple of lord shiva in a natural cave.

Gupt Mahadev:

It is a Shiva Temple, in a very narrow cave. One can enter into the cave from one side and there is very small place inside the cave where shivling is there for worshipping.


Dhupgarh is the highest peak of Satpura, and one needs a permit to visit Dhupgarh. The ascend to Dhupgarh is steep at some places. At the top there is a sunset point and canteen to reftresh yourself.

Handi Khoh:

Handi khoh is the valley having the shape of bowl. One can see it on the way to Gupt Mahadev.

Pandav Caves:

pandav caves are within the city and one need to climb enough stairs to climb the hillock to see the caves.


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