Wayanad: Green Paradise in Western Ghat, Land of Spicy Hills

Origin: Wayal (paddy) Naad means land. Thus Wayanad means land of paddy fields.

We planned this short trip from Delhi. We took Air India flight from Delhi to Calicut (Kozhikode). It is a very long flight (almost 7 hours) with two stops at Mumbai (Bombay) and Coimbatore. We reached Calicut airport at around 2 PM. We hurriedly took a cab and started our road journey to Wayanad. One of my friend told me that best non-veg food is available at Hotel Paragon in Calicut. So we decided to have food here.

Wayanad: Short History

Wayanad, was the 12th district created in 1980. It was carved out from Kunoor and Khozikhode. At present Wayanad district comprises three main divisions- Mananthawadi, Sulthan Bathery and Vythiri. Wayanad history dates back to stone age and vedakkal caves are testimony of it. It was ruled by Veda tribes and later it was under the rule of Tipu Sultan.

Most interesting fact is that Wayanad is a geographical entity and the district head quarter is Kalpetta.

We started around 4 pm from Calicut. The road to green paradise meanders through a road, with white water falling over the black rocks giving magical look. Meandering through the tea estates we reached Mananthawadi in evening.

After reaching Mananthawadi, we came to know that the place we booked is still 32 KM and the driver was scared of the drive because of elephant crossing. Most of the road from Mananthawadi to Agrahara passes through Wayanad forest.

As we entered in the jungle, we saw herds of spotted dears on the road. As we moved further , spotted herd of elephants just crossed the roads. After driving few KM we saw an elephant standing on the road. Driver quickly stopped the vehicle and started waiting for elephant to move into jungle. driver reversed the vehicle but elephant refused to move. Then we called  resort manager and told him that we will not be able to come to resort because of wild elephant on the road. He immediately offered us the help and sent a local escort (jeep with four person). Driver finally agreed to drop us by following the Jeep. We somehow gathered courage to cross the elephant as it moved little bit towards the road side. As we crossed the elephant and moved towards the resort, there were five bisons waiting for us on the road.

we somehow managed to move them from the road and finally arrived at resort.  Resort manager was very friendly and cooked food for us in the night. We inquired manager about the places i can visit in the morning around the resort. He gave us the detail list of places we can visit. After discussing that we went to eco park.

Finally we packed and decided to tour the Irpu Falls on the Lakshmantirtha river.

Irpu falls are around 50 meter high on the Laxmantirtha river near Brahmagiri mountains.

Wayanad district is also very rich in biodiversity (tropical rainforests).

One can see variety of wildlife in the jungle…few sanps are above

What to buy?


Tea and coffee

Bamboo Rice



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