Chhapia: Birthplace of Swaminarayan (Saint Sahjanand)

Chapia is situated at a distance of 50 Km from Gonda.Chhapia is famous for the temple of Swami Narain,which lie in 1.5 Km. south from the Railway station of Chhapia.

Chhapia Temple

The temple has been constructed at the birthplace of Sami Sahjanand. Saint was the son of an Pandey .Saint was born in 1780. At a very early age the boy then known as Sahjanand migrated to Gujrat, where he was adopted by Ramanand, heading great Vaishnav monastery at Junagarh. He became a noted Sanskrit scholar and gained a wide reputation for learning .

After his death at the age of 49 he was accorded divine honours by his devotees as an incarnation of Lord Krishna under the name of Swami Narain.His immense wealth passed to his two uncle who went from Chhapia to Gujrat.In about 1845 his disciples in Gujrat determined to erect a temple at Chhapia and a number of them came to Chhapia for this purpose.After annexation the place was of the enormous sum of Rs 500 per acre and the building adjoining the temple were completed.

Now a second temple is being constructed at the birthplace.

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In this land known as ‘Bharat’, during Kaliyuj, the evil and arson ruled the society creating tyranny and distrust amongst people. While the rulers were busy in their political conflicts, the people suffered economically, socially and religiously.

In a congregation of Maryadik Rushi Uddavji Dharmadev and Bhaktimata at Badrikashram under the auspices of Bhagwan Narnarayan Dev a concern was shown about the situation on the earth. Rushi Durwasa from the ranges of mountain Kailash came there and shunned all present that as they have insulted him therefore shall take on to the human form and suffer at the hands of evil.

Whereupon Dharma Dev and Bhakti mata politely calmed the Rushi and whereupon declaring the irreversibility of the showing of Rushi Durvasa clerified that Dharma Dev will be born to Bhakti mata in a Brahmin family and will release all of them and will also protect them against the evil.

Narayan Rushi clarified that this was due to his wishes and that He will be born as a saviour of religion and shall eradicate the evil. Thus an era began with the birth of Ghanshyam – who had taken births in various forms to eradicate the evil and protect the religion, in s.s. 1837 on ninth day of chitra. There are legends argociated with the child hood at Chappiya in Maknapur Taluka of Gonda District, at a distance of 40 k.m. from Ayodhya, one of the nine ancient legendary places of the sub continent.

The later childhood of the Bhagwan was spent at Ayodhya on migration due to harassment of evils doers, where he learnt various disciplines and arts in vedas, puranas, Shrimad Bhagwat. yaynavalkya smruti, vishnu puran and Maha Bharat, taking out the gist of all major connotations compiled an abridged version came to be known as “Siksha parti”. Ghanshyam Maharaj taught other boys also and practied what He preached – ” Vidya (education) attained by self should be taught to others too.”

Thus, Bhagwan Swaminarayan’s legends are associated both with Chhapaiya and Ayodhya. Considering the celebration of the “Prayasan Varsh 2006″ and linking the two important places of a unique sect of the subcontinent will facilitate millions of followers to visit the place.

There are legends associated with places like Birth Place, Gangajal well, Narayan Sarovar, Dharmadev Bhaktimata Oata, Kalidatt Oata, Three cornered filed, Min Sarovar, Bhutio (ghost) well, jira bhari Talao. Jambu tree, Moksh pipal, Khapa Jalavdi, Kalyan sagar, Gay ghat, Shravan talavdi, Makhoda ghat, Ram sagar etc. It is the sacred wish of the followers of the sect to visit these places once in life time.

Every year from every part of the globle, the pilgrims visit the place, Which suffers basic infrastructure facilities like proper roads and rail connection, means of communication, helipad, water and drainage connection, lodging and boarding facilities etc.

Every year, on Kartaki purnima and chaitra pumima. (Full moon days of the months of Kartika and chaitra) a fair is organized, visited by lakhs of people from distant places. The temporary stalls cover a periphery of 5 K.m.

The temple is spread out in 20 Acres of land and has facilities to accommodate 25,000 pilgrims at any given time, which would be inadequate, considering, the celebration of 2006 as Tourist year.


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  1. manoj
    Dec 11, 2012 @ 03:23:24

    hi i m manoj and want to sell property in chhappiya land and house just in front of temple………………………if intrested pl mail on


  2. Manoj Dwivedi
    Nov 04, 2013 @ 16:54:11

    My Home is near about this holy place its really very beautyfull.


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