Birds of Kumaon: June 2013

Forest areas around Almora, Bageshwar and Champawat. We have spotted around 80 birds during week long trip.The pine trees around Almora were hosting the woodpeckers, thrushes etc. The road to Bageshwar passes through the forests of Binsar. On the way to Bageshwar, we have spotted Kalij Pheasants, Owl, Black Headed Jay, Drongos, Bulbuls etc. The forest area around , Nanda Devi temple hosts lot of birds and is an idael spot for birding around Munsiyari. The road between the Munsiyari and Ratapani is full of bird activities particularly in morning. Around Champawat, forest area around the Laluwapani is ideal for birding particularly in evening.

The list of birds is as follows-
Around Almora/Binsar
1. Common Mayna
2. Indian Nuthatch
3. Blue Whistling Thrush
4. Jungle Fowl
5. Pigeon
6. Spotted Dove
7. Hmalayan bulbul
8. White cheeked bulbul
9. Babbler
10. Oriental whiteye
11. Black-Kite
12. Tree creeper
13. Rose ringed parakeet
14. Wedge tailed green pigeon
15. Russet Sparrow
16. Kalij Pheasant
17. Jungle Babbler
18. Himalayan bulbul
19. Grey Bushchat
20. Spotted Dove
21. Red Vented Bulbul Bengalenisis
22. Black Drongo
23. Blue Whistling Thrush
24. Spangled Drongo
25. Yellow Billed Magpie
26. Barn Swallow
27. Black Headed Jay

Around Munsiyari

28. Grey Chinned or long tailed minivet?
29. Scarlet /minivet
30. Grey Bushchat
31. Northern Raven
32. Yellow breasted greenfinch
33. Little pied flycatcher
34. Black Redstart
35. House Sparrow
36. Streaked Laughing Thrush
37. Indian Cuckoo
38. Himalayan Woodpecker
39. Verditer flycatcher
40. Grey winged black bird
41. Scaley Billed Woodpecker
42. Black-lored Tit
43. Grey Headed Woodpecker
44. Yuhina
45. Black and Orange Flycatcher?
46. Great barbet
47. White capped redstart
48. Chest nut bellied rock thrush
49. Plain backed thrush
50. Plumbeous Water Redstart
51. Striated Laughing Thrush
52. Black bulbul?
53. Eurasian collared dove
54. Oriental magpie robin
55. Brown Hawk Owl
56. White Browed Shortwing

Around Chamapawat

57. Jungle Myna
58. Pied Bushchat
59. Himalayan Vulture
60. Rufous Sibia
61. Oriental White-eye
62. Common Redstart?
63. Great Tit
64. Hoopoe
65. Red-billed Blue Magpie
66. Lesser Yellownape
67. Oriental Turtle Dove
68. Small Minivet?
69. Grey Treepie
70. Ashy Drongo?
71. Asian Fairy Bluebird?
72. Black-eared Kite
73. Slatey Headed parakeet
74. Golden Fronted Leafbird
75. Red Wattled Lapwing
76. Greater Yellownape
77. Crow-billed Drongo

following are pictures-

Olive Backed Sunird-2


Black-headed Jay

Greater Yellownape???????????????????????????????

BLACK-EARED KITE???????????????????????????????


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Prashant Kumar
    Sep 23, 2014 @ 02:31:33

    Dear Mr.Verma,
    The bird you have mentioned above as Black Redstart is Blue-capped Rock Thrush. You can easily identify it by the white patches on its wings.


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