In search of peace and happiness

In search of happiness

The search of happiness remains the quest of human being since time immemorial. The world philosophies, religions, business houses structure created on this basic desire for happiness all seek to promote the same basic desire to remain happy. But are we?

On the one hand we seek to optimize happiness by satisfying desires. Desires originating from our senses (sense of touch, hear, taste, eye-sight, sound). We try to optimize here also…we need better experience. The better experience has no limit. Once we seek pleasure in satisfying these desires, business provide for same. Some to provide our basic needs and some create needs. Those who realize that the desires have no end; they seek the refuge in religion. World religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, recognized long back that we need to renunciation of these desires for peace and happiness. But is that life worth to live it? Can we live in a world that has no desire but only efforts to meet with ultimate reality (in any form)? What of every soul meets the ultimate reality, will world stop without human beings?  There may be several views, and the peace lies in being on your own. Every human being is different and peace lies in understanding your own self.

When I say understanding your own self, then it takes us to new level, how to understand yourself.  My question is do we give enough time to ourselves? Just give sometime to yourself, to know what are u doing, do you want it to do? Are you doing it because someone else is also doing it? My next action will end in peace or anxiety? I agree we cannot ask these questions before every action but we can train ourselves to ask these questions either at day end or at some frequent interval. Journey towards peace starts with understanding our own self…..

To be continued…



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