A Peep in-Family Life & Culture of Swaziland

Swaziland is a landlocked country, bounded mainly by South Africa on one side and by Mozambique on other side. Swazi people are very friendly. since English is the second language, one do not feel any kind pf communication problem in Swaziland.  Swazi people are mainly the Bantu tribes migrated to these areas long back. There are many rock paintings existing in Swaziland as on today.

Swazis families are settled in a group of rounded huts i.e. homestead. Swazis are traditionally polygamous and head men can marry as many as wives he wants, provided he can provide a separate Hut to each wife.  Thus the Swazi Homestead is structure having various huts meant for different purposes. At the entrance of Swazi Homestead, yo will fine the hut for girls, reached puberty but still unmarried. The funny reason is that when homestead is attacked, enemy will lost in the beauty of girls and other will get time to organise themselves for battle or escape.

View of Homestead

View of Homestead

View of Homestead

View of Homestead

Entrance to Hut

Entrance to Hut

Clothes of Swazi Girl

Clothes of Swazi Girl


After the huts of girls, there is one hut for the priest. It is customery to keep one hut vacated for priest so that as and when he arrives at homestead, he can stay in it. Then there is one more hut for the kids. All the kids, who attain the age of 6 or more are also shifted from the hut of mother into it.

After these initial huts, there is a common place for the cooking an gathering for the men. During the day time men are separated from women.

Statue in front of priest hut

Statue in front of priest hut


Common Place for men


Cooking by men


Hut under construction

In Swazi culture there are many things which can not be cooked by women. These items are cooked by the men in their separate kitchen. These items are –

Head of Cow-  Because women will become more wiser if they cook it

Foot of Cow- She will ran away

Mouth of cow- She will become too much talkative

In the Swazi homestead, there is a separate hut for the mother of chief of house. There is a separate cooking place for each wife and mother. The area around the hut of mother is common gathering pace. Here the girls are trained and learn about various aspects of life-the way to pass wisdom from one generation to other generation.



Cooking for Mother ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

There is a hut for the chief of homestead.

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Cultural Dances-

Reed Dance is very famous cultural dance. following are some pictures of dances-

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