In Search of Happiness-II

Link to previous post: In Search of Happiness-I

Continuing from my earlier thought..understanding myself is most important activity in the journey to seek happiness. Because it is yourself through the senses connects to this world. This connection is the channel which brings you the happiness or sorrow. This connection to the world is not only through the five senses. Human beings are more than body. There is some element which is spiritual or intellectual. We connect with outer world spiritually also.


Thus our desires are not only sensual but intellectual also. As mentioned earlier, these desires are the key forces behind the economic forces of Demand and Supply. On the sensual desires, law of diminishing return may apply but not on the intellectual forces.  But is it universal? do you think law of diminishing return always apply on sensual pleasure/desire? Yes it does. But when the sensual and intellectual desires mix it may not. Can one have only intellectual desire without sensual desire? This aspects will be discussed later.

I just used word pleasure and thoughts till now focused on underlining the difference between the pleasure and happiness. Many of us are confuse between the the pleasure and happiness. our search of happiness many time is only limited to pleasure. Because the pleasure is sensual. The more you indulge in it, you will get less pleasure, law of diminishing return apply. Thus it is pleasure which is Metaphysical link to Economics. Happiness stay longer with you. Happier moments you remember for long…it is peace inside, it is linked with the intellectual/spiritual aspect of human being. Pleasure is  momentary..sensual connections, as long as, established there is pleasure. More you in indulge in pleasure more dissatisfied you are. More you indulge in happiness more happier you are.




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