Sunbirds of Swaziland

Following type of sunbirds are found in Swaziland. Since sunbirds feed mainly on nectar, it is easy to spot them around the flowering trees and bushes.

  1. Collared sunbird
  2. Eastern Olive sunbird
  3. Mouse collered sunbird
  4. Amethyst sunbird
  5. Scarlet chested sunbird
  6. Malachite sunbird
  7. Southern double collered sunbird
  8. Greater double collered sunbird
  9. Mariqua sunbird
  10. Purple banded sunbird
  11. White breasted sunbird.

Following are the photographs of the sunbirds mainly taken in and around Royal Swazi Spa.

IMG_8323 (2) black sunbird IMG_8499 ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????



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