Trek to Gwaldam Nag Temple

Trek on 5 October 2014.
Weather was good and no heavy woolens are required.

Guide for trek is must as there are so many pathways branching out from main trek leading to villages around.

I was excited about the trek to Gwaldam Nag temple. Gwaldam Nag temple trek begins from the vicinity of SSB training academy located in Gwaldam. Gwaldam Nag trek is of around 5 KM from the road. The trek follow trail all through the forest till you reach on the top of mountain. The trek is initially steep and then moderate. As I moved into the forest there was sound of firing from the firing range of academy. On the route one can spot beautiful birds and lot of orchids and wild mushrooms. Mushroms with lot of hues and colors and one in particular looking like white coral. As I moved there was music of Small Minivtes both male and female. We stopped for a while and captured them in camera.
After trekking for half an hour we took rest for almost 15 minutes and moved forward. On the way we found some plants which are being used in Vico Vajradanti. There was a plain area which is being used for picnic. After trekking again for 15 minutes we reached on the top of hill and it was the first view of Bugyal covered with a carpet of white flowers.
From the top of hill one can have magnificent view of Trishul, Nanda devi peaks. The bugyal is clearly being used by the locals as grazing grounds. The Gwaldam Nag temple has been renovated and newly built construction under which Nag Devta is now presiding. Earlier it was only stone structure. The site is also preserved by the Archeological Survey of India. We had darshan of the Nag Devta and it was surprising to see that even in the morning someone came and lit the Jyoti in the temple.
While returning back we lost the way and went into the dense forest. After walking fr few KM there was steep slope and it was not possible to climb down. We found one way to further climb down and we found a water pipeline passing through there. It was a prudent decision to walk along the water pipeline for few KM and then we climbed up again to the Nag Mandir. Thus it was a trek of another 6 KM to climb down and climb up over a highly steep slope to reach on the top. But this trek gave a feeling of steep trek in dense forest with no trail. It was during this trek we spotted the Monal and Nutach.
Once we reached at the top we took a sigh of relief and followed the right trek to climb down. Climbing down was more difficult as usual with the surface very slipper due to green lichens grown over it. As we started the trek around 9 Am and reached back to our place at around 2:30 PM to find the lunch waiting for us.















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