Borra Caves, near Vishakhapatnam (Vizag)

Borra caves are located near Vizag and you need around 6 hours to visit this place and come back. These are limestone formations created long ago having both historical and geographical sitnificance. Caves are situated in western Ghats and were discovered in 1807 by British geologist William King. The caves are naturally formed due to slow dissolution of calcium carbonate in the rocks due to humid acid in the water. These caves are believed to be around 150 million year old. When the water contains calcium carbonate percolate down from the roof it creates the deposit on the roof and on the ground. The structure created on the roof are called stalactite and on ground are known as stalagmite. These structures in the Borra caves have taken different shapes and the imagination of human beings have given them names like, shiva Parvati, animals like crocodile,snake, camel etc. There is one stalagmite at the centre of caves has taken the shape of human brain. 



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